Discover the new
dimension of porcelain tiles

Atlas Concorde Habitat, a change of perspective to create a unique setting, with elegant furnishings, an expression of coherence between surfaces and furnishing accessories, which tell of Italian design.
Customization is taken to the highest level with the Contract line, where it is the washbasin that adapts to the setting, not vice versa.

You can make your spaces unique by choosing the product type, size, look and color. An extensive offer designed to support Designers and Architects in developing projects.

  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Residential
  • Large-scale Works
  • A coordinated total look
    A line devised for hotel rooms, which balances the space, giving continuity and ensuring efficiency.
  • Personalization at its best
    Create satisfying and immersive settings for commercial outlets, choose the finishes that best suit your needs.
  • A new way of living spaces
    A modular harmony for the daily ecosystem, which tells about the perfect combination of different surfaces for bathroom furnishing.
  • The third volume of ceramics
    Select the ideal size for large-scale projects and match it to the perfect finish.

Explore the fascination of porcelain tiles in their third dimension

Fascination meets modularity in this collection that gives each project harmony of materials and colors. Discover the evolution of ceramics, in the dimension of Italian design.