Designer Washbasin

The designer washbasin was born as the extreme synthesis of a collection, in which functionality and art find the perfect combination.

It is the piece where Designers, as artistic developers, unleash their creativity to the nth degree, without any technical limitations.
A unique object, handcrafted, not replicable; it is the research of technological and aesthetic innovation, in a game of fusions where also the towel rack plays its role with class and elegance.
The height of the washbasin top remains the same as that of the single integrated basin, but the rails have been raised and highlighted, playing with sensational volumes.

  • available in size 130
  • available with off-center bathtub on the right or left side
  • available with wall-mounted faucets
  • integrated towel rack
  • easy to clean
  • hygienic surface
  • solid and resistant
A unique finish for an unrivalled design object: Nero Marquina on the inside and the dolmen pro grey on the outside make stone and marble interact as never seen before. Explore all the personality that the washbasin can give to the project, through the harmonious integration with all furnishing accessories.

Discover the evolution of volume with the Dialogo collection

A collection with a unique cut, whose design unveils the Italian style. Create an exclusive and elegant space, with coordinated elements and high technical performance.

Be inspired by the collection, choose the washbasin that suits your environment.